Gear Patrol Widget: Take Us With You

gp_widget.jpgNotice anything different about the lower right side of Gear Patrol? Yeah, that little black box with pictures and titles kind of saying “yo, bub.”

That’s right we’ve joined the shameless widget bandwagon. Why’d we do it you ask? Err, let me just refer to the speech our chief marketing officer put together here, ahem:

“So you can a bring GP content anywhere else you happen to haunt on the web. Sure you may get the GP Dispatch delivered every day to your inbox already, but who wants to wait when you can see what’s new on Gear Patrol the moment it’s published? Plus embedding the widget on your favorite sites like Facebook, MySpace, or your own personal blog, makes your site just a little more like ours. Manly. Not to mention spreading the word about GP’s sheer awesomeness.”

Ok so maybe I added in that last line about awesomeness, but somebody has to say it. Now start adding it to wherever the hell your heart desires. Do it with impunity and gusto and don’t be surprised if doing it comes up in future contests…