Jim Beam Cooler and Grill Set

Jim-Bean-Grill.jpgFrom the SEC to the PAC 10 and at every Podunk U in between, you’ll find that the most rabid, ravenous fans begin to show their team pride long before kickoff. The true fan prepares his parking lot conquest with the dedication and abandon of a coach who knows he’s one loss away from getting canned (ahem, Tennessee). The lesson here: be prepared.

Gear Patrol already established that Jim Beam belongs in the upper echelon of high achieving Kentuckians, right alongside the likes of Colonel Sanders. Now the good folks that bring you bottles of smooth Bourbon allow you to tote all of your grilling and chilling gear in one tidy package. The JBCGS, as I fondly call it, pairs a cooler for ice, beverages, and/or meat along with a personal size grill and some essential utensils. Take it from me, the best way to endure a brutal loss handed your team by its arch-rival (see: Florida versus Tennessee) is to make certain that you are full and happy before the game ever starts. Thanks to the Jim Beam Cooler and Grill Set, you can do just that. For cheap.

Cost: $35 @ Amazon

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