Cirrus Vision SJ50

Unlike The Stock Market, The Cirrus Vision Soars


We got the chance to learn about the Cirrus Vision SJ50 and I’ve got to say that it’s a stunning mark of aviation machinery. This, in a time where the experience and innovation of flying conjures thoughts of delays, shoddy service and general inconvenience.

The Cirrus Vision uses a spherical design as opposed to traditional plane designs that follow a tube-like shape. The aircraft’s interior has a distinctive air of luxury supercar (Porsche) that swaths you and six passengers in luxurious appointments, and does so with gusto. The single-engine jet is powered by a Williams International FJ33 Fanjet and will cruise about 300 knots (345 mph) at an altitude of 25,000 feet.

Lest you think small aircraft are dangerous, know this – they aren’t. And if my terse response provides you no comfort, also know that the Vision SJ50 has a full-jet parachute. Consider it an airbag for your plane. Expect more from me on this if I get the opportunity to fly in one.

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Visit the Cirrus Vision SJ50 site.