Gear Patrol Desktop Wallpaper

It Won’t Make Your Monitor Bigger, But It’ll Sure Look Nicer

Upgrade your screen with a GP Wallpaper

Ever wondered how much time you spend staring at that monitor you’re looking at right now? Probably more than you’re willing or want to admit.

Upgrade your screen with this free Gear Patrol desktop wallpaper. We figured we’d get into the spirit of October by igniting the GP cog. Turns out, it looks pretty damn sharp. Enjoy.

23” Widescreen Monitor (1920×1200) | 23” Widescreen Monitor (1920×1200) w/Calendar | 19” Monitor (1280×1024) | 17” Widescreen Monitor (1440×900) | 15” Widescreen Monitor (1280×800) | 15” Monitor (1024×768)

Feel free to comment or drop us a line at if you like (dislike) it or need another size. We’ll see what we can do.

UPDATE: We’ve added a widescreen October calendar version for those of you guys requesting it.