7EYE Vortex Sunglasses


The fall driving season is nearly upon us. You know what that means: annoying glare and blind spots. Upgrade your sunglasses with something that can do more than just look cool.

Here’s a question: what do your sunglasses do? They probably look good, they fight off some glare and maybe even protect you from UV rays. Well, here’s what the 7EYE Vortex’s I procured do (shown below):

7EYE-Vortex-Sunglasses-desk.jpgMy 7EYE’s came equipped with 24:7 NXT Contrast Lenses in Copper (available with six different lenses and two frame colors). The Contrast lens ranges from 18%-80% light transmission and lighten to yellow in low light and darken to dark brown in bright light. The NXT lens technology was originally created as a bullet-proof windshield military aircraft and guaranteed for life against breakage. The polyurethane material is the most advanced photochromic sun lens material ever made and they work in any levels of light, activating immediately to varying conditions including fog. They also use an air dam technology with closed-cell foam that prevents 75% of wind, glare and dust from impairing your vision.

Do your sunglasses do that?

According to the website, the Vortex fits medium to large heads which means they probably won’t accommodate Gear Patrol editor Eric’s massive cranium, but most all men will find the fitment perfect. In my testing, the Vortex’s prevented my contacts from drying out and kept the glare out of my eyes while driving a convertible. Further tests in the operating room, golf course, and even running a 5k showed the 7EYE sunglasses excel. Like you.

Cost: $89-$199 @ 7EYE