GP Dossier | Vol. 1 Issue 5 – Finance Edition

America is in a banking and financial quagmire. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t in touch with reality. Gear Patrol’s rounded up a few articles this week for a financial edition of the GP Dossier. No, these won’t help you understand why the bailout has gone from a 4-page plan to a 450 page plan in the past week or why your 401k is spiraling downwards, but it might give you some perspective on your personal finances. Something you can control.

How and Where We Throw Money Away on AOL Money & Finance.

Who doesn’t want to leave the workforce behind before their 30? Here’s how one person did it.

What should you be doing without in your 20’s? MSN Money’s got the answers.

Men’s Health reveals your six most dangerous cash traps and appropriate escape plans.

Ever wondered if you’re doing anything that’s detimental to your financial future? WalletPop’s got the list of what those are.