Patron XO Café

First It Was Silver. Then Gold. Now Coffee.

patron-xo-cafe.jpgDuring the next restocking of your bar make sure to leave room in your arsenal for Patron XO Café. Yes, we know the stereotypes about flavored alcohol, but you’ll never find this sneaked into a slumber party. Trust us.

Patron XO Café is a meld of ultra premium tequila and coffee essence. It tastes drier and less sweet than most coffee flavored liqueurs (a good thing), plus at 70 proof it packs as much punch as its standard tequila brethren (a good thing).

Not sure how to use it? Check out the cocktail list on Patron’s website for ideas. There you’ll find plenty of ways to expand your mixing prowess.

Editors Note: This does not give you permission to spike the coffee machine at work.

Cost: $15-$30 @ Your Local Store