Tumi Packing Cubes

tumi-packing-cubes.jpgGP Protocol Rule #13 states that men should know how to pack. That being the case, having the right luggage and luggage accessories is essential, especially for those longer trips.

Luggage stalwart Tumi, has an ingenius luggage accessory aptly named Tumi Packing Cubes. They’re ideal for organizing your socks, ties and other smaller items. Larger sizes are available for your sweaters, slacks, etc. The Packing Cubes are enclosed via zipper and have a mesh cover and handle for ease of use.

Editors Tip: I’ve purchased two medium packing cubes. They’re perfect for my week long trips, helping me organize my daily changes or I can just take one for weekends.

Cost: $35-$55 @ Tumi