ION Slides 2 PC

Kodak Moments, Revisited


Most likely, you’ve got a shoebox or tupperware box sitting around at home with some old 35mm film negatives or a crate full of your parent’s slides. Either way, they probably haven’t been looked at in years what with that digital camera snapping away.

Slides 2 PC film and silde scanner from ION might be one of the best cases for USB ports yet. And as geeky as that might sound, the premise will make my case. Available this October for just $100, Slides 2 PC is at a price entirely worthy of its function.

The Slides 2 PC scanner lets you avoid forgotten Kodak moments by making it incredibly easy and fast to scan in 35mm film or slides. It’s a one-touch operation. Better yet, it eliminates the cost and hassle of bringing back the aging media by giving you 5 megapixel digital versions of your slides and negatives. It uses a fixed-focus range, automatic exposure and color balance to guarantee that your negatives and slides are captured with accurate color conversion and optimal imaging. Nifty.

Cost: $100 @ ION