Shure SE102 Headphones

Sure About The Shure SE102’s


Having procured an Apple 3G iPhone not long ago, I realized that 1: the earphones were outrageously miserable and 2:, I needed earphones that had a built-in mic to make calls and listen to music. Time for a solution.

Taking a recommendation, I looked into a set of Shure headphones. Now, I’m not that big on mobile electronics – I leave that extravaganza to resident GP electronic guru Ben “Bitrate” Bowers, but I do love quality sound. After a couple weeks of commuting with the Shure SE102’s I found myself an earphone fanatic.

shure-SE102MPA.jpgGranted, the SE102 earphones are by no means Shure’s flagship model (the $550 SE530), but they derive similar technology with Balanced MicroSpeakers to provide a sound isolating experience. Providing me with a rich sonic experience (the robust soundstage, especially). Shure even includes a personal fit kit with varying buds to match my ear’s size and worked with my iPhone (or Blackberry Curve) without a hitch. Perfect for my busy commute.

On the phone side, the mic picked up my voice flawlessly and the integrated “Control Button” is a big plus as it can activate: call waiting, last number redial, voice dialing, and mute. Throw in the two-year factory warranty and you’ve got one happy editor.

Cost: $119 @ Shure