Tap’dNY Purified New York City Tap Water

Tap Water Champagne

tap'dnyc new york bottled tap water.jpg

You might drink French water (Pellegrino, Perrier, etc). You might even drink Fijian water, but here in New York we drink something called tap water. Now, you can too.

Tap’dNY is offering New York’s award winning (no joke) straight-from-the-faucet tap water. It’s not filtered through some rare volcanic charcoal or shipped via white doves and palm frawns from an exotic island in the South Pacific. It’s literaly New York tap water. Served in a bottle. Complete with overzealous marketing.

Coming in at $36 per case of 24, Tap’DNY might be the most ingenious thing since… well, bottled water. Not available in France or Fiji… zing.

Cost: $36 per 24 @ Tap’dNY