Mandate Press Personalized Calling Cards

Danny Ocean Would Be Proud


Business and calling cards are one of the most important touchpoints for both your personal life and career. It’s a tried and proven method. Whatever your field of work, you should always have a few armed and ready; be it your suit jacket pocket, wallet, attaché, messenger, weekend or gym bag.

We’ve got an affinity for good looking business cards here at GP so we worked with The Mandate Press, a letterpress shop located in Salt Lake City, to procure a set of business cards for this article. The Mandate Press offers pre-set personal calling cards ($95 for 250) with great looking designs to choose from, unlike the garish designs you find at most online printshops or (gasp) Kinkos. The Mandate Press uses a hybrid digital process to create photopolymer plates with yours (or their) designs which emblazon directly onto the card like old lead type. There’s no limit to what you can do.

As you can see from our photographs the letterpress cards are stunning – even in simple black on white. They’re even more impressive in person when you can feel the texture of the embossed logo and type on cotton paper. It’s absolute vintage with a modern spin and gets our ringing endorsement.

More photos of cards after the jump.

Cost: $95 for 250 @ The Mandate Press