Belkin Conserve

Live Green And Still Live Easy


As self a proclaimed technology addict it’s been hard justifying my desire for national sustainability considering that even while turned off my home theater has enough lights glowing to rival the Vegas strip. I jest not.

belkin-conserve.jpgThen I stumbled across this simple yet ingenious device on Popular Mechanics. Aptly called the Conserve, consider it the lazy environmentalist’s best friend. That’s because unlike other surge protectors which require you to bend over and flip a switch to fully cut off power, this marvel does it by remote. Glorious glorious remotes. [insert mad scientist laughter] Better yet, it also features two always-on outlets which insure electronics that need constant juice like your DVR and wireless router can be powered at all times.

Don’t think that these nifty features come at the price of basic requirements. On the contrary the Conserve’s wide design ensures that even clunky power adapters can plug in without blocking adjacent outlets. Plus it’s 1000 joules and $100,000 connected equipment warranty provides peace of mind along with premium protection.

However, if doing your part for the planet isn’t reason enough to spend $50 bucks to replace your current strip, I should also mention it can save you cash and eventually pay for itself. After using the Conserve with my home theater for a month, my apartment power bill dropped by 5%. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but multiply that out for a year and that’s enough scratch to give our resident sports guru Patrick those hair extensions he’s always wanted.

Editors Note: Maximize convenience by installing the included remote wall mount next to your current light switches. That way you’ll be sure to turn off the Conserve when you hit the lights.

Cost: $49