Colibri Xtreme II High Altitude Lighter

Burn Baby Burn


I have serious doubts that many of you spend a regular amount of time 13,000 feet above sea level. Well, this is Gear Patrol so maybe you do.

If so, then I sincerely hope you’ve got a Colibri XTREME II High Altitude Wind Resistant Butane Lighter packed with your gear. According to the manual that came with my Colibri, the Xtreme II is the first lighter specifically designed for high altitude conditions. It’s also perfect for those outdoor excursions I know you love taking and using an excuse for overengineered gear.

The Xtreme II uses Colibri’s Quantum ignition system that produces a damn-near scary single column flame that won’t falter – no matter how much wind or how little oxygen you have. Its metal encasing has threaded caps that seal each end of the lighter and the bottom camp even has it’s own integrated compass. Pretty handy.

Cost: $55