SMC Furnishings SBW Desk

Befitting Of Your Holy Books, Penguin Classics and Even Bills


A man needs an appropriate place to work, surf, meditate, contemplate or just read Emerson. It goes right up there with an appropriately manly armchair, coat, car, shaving products and power tools. Amongst others. (See a website called Gear Patrol for further reference).

Reclaimed pine and steel are the materials of upstate New York SMC Furnishing’s SBW Desk. A gorgeous exercise in what one can do without having to use nasty Service Merchandise (remember them?) grade compressed cardboard and laminate. SMC specializies in using natural and recycled materials.

I work off of a Crate & Barrel desk that’s as wide as my New York apartment will allow (not much), but in my former digs I converted an old barnyard pine dining table to use as work table. It was expansive, minimalist and glorious. Looking at the SBW Desk I’m half tempted to tell my oddly attractive neighbor that I’m comandeering her apartment and adjacent walls to accommodate this table. If she disagrees, then I’ll take the moment of confusion to figure out just why she’s so attractive.

Measures 30″x32″x60″ and available with drawers.

Cost: $1400

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