Tom’s of Maine Mouthwash

So Good You’ll Want To Drink It

Toms-of-Maine-Mouthwash.jpgIf you’ve read any of the major men’s magazines as of late, you might remember that many of them have been turned onto Tom’s of Maine. A company specializing in all-natural oral hygeine products. I know, exciting.

We decided to check out what all the seemingly insider hype was about and procured a few bottles of Tom’s Of Maine Natural Cleansing Mouthwash. It comes in Cinnamint, Peppermint Baking Soda and Spearming – the latter of which I tried.

Wow. It was like an oral hygeine orchestra performing the Midnight Sonata. In my mouth. And like Beethoven’s first movement, it was refreshing without being overpowering – like the Crest Pro Health I currently use.

The alcohol and saccharin-free mouthwash has Vitamin C and infused with aloe vera, witch hazel as an astrigent and pure essential oils to give it a refreshing flavor. All I know is I was smiling while gargling.

Cost: $5