Family Guy Season 6 DVD

Family Values At Their Best

Family-Guy-Season-6-DVD.jpgIt’s time to start memorizing a new set of episodes boys. Yup, you can finally own the Griffin clan’s latest set of misadventures on DVD. With a total of 12 episodes ranging from season 5 to 6, and guest appearances by celebrities like Willem Dafoe, Drew Barrymore, Adam Carola, and Neil Patrick Harris (just to name a few), this season doesn’t disappoint.

If you think your downloaded collection has you covered, did we mention the set also comes with over 50 deleted scenes and raucous commentaries by Seth MacFarlane? We’ll see you in line.

Cost: $26

Editors Notes: Looking for an easy way to get it all on DVD? Check out the quintessential Family Guy Freakin’ Sweet Party Pack which also hits stores today. ($116)