KTM 990 Super Duke

The Duke


Saturday, Fort Walton Beach – 80 degrees in October, not a cloud in the sky… think I’m going to ride. As a gear freak I’m always out and about trying to find the new hotness. On this particular day, I was cruising along the Gulf Coast throwing the deuces to my fellow riders when I came across a KTM dealership. Naturally, I decided to take a look and encountered the awe-spiring KTM 990 Super Duke.

KTM is an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer which began producing motorcycles 1954. They’re most commonly known for their off road motorcycles, and in recent years have expanded into street bikes. By the looks of this beautiful monster they’re off to a good start.

The KTM 990 Super Duke sports a fuel injected 2 cylinder 4 stroke V-twin engine with 999cc’s of displacement. Brembo brakes will make sure you have all the stopping power you’ll need after firing through 6 gears en route to serious ass hauling.

It goes without saying that the dealer probably knew I was up to no good, but the stance on the Duke wasn’t overly aggressive and the bike was incredibly light, almost felt like sitting on an old school Haro.

Editor’s Note: Looks like KTM is making their mark on the street bike world and the 990 Super Duke is a prime specimen.

Cost: $15,000

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