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The Lean Green Arm Flexing Machine

Once upon a time strengthening your forearms meant mindlessly squeezing hand grips. Since you’re not training for Over the Top (you know you’ve seen it) it’s time for a better solution. The Dyna-flex Pro Plus Gyro incorporates gyroscope technology to provide resistance. The harder you work the more resistance the Pro Plus Gyro supplies. In fact, with speeds up to 11,000 rpm the Pro Plus Gyro can supply 30 pounds of torque. Plenty to give your arms a great workout.

Outdated hand grips only work one muscle group. The Pro Plus Gyro can target most muscle groups from your fingers to your shoulders, see video. If you engaged in repetitive motions, like typing, then using the Gyro a few times a day can help combat carpel tunnel. Either way it’s time to evolve your training.

Cost: $33