Eddie Bauer 365 EB800 Fill Power Down Vest

Double Certified True European Goose Down. Sounds Nice.

Eddie-Bauer-365-EB800-Fill-Power-Down-Vest.jpgIf there’s a clothing outfitter I’d like to see make a decent comeback it’s Eddie Bauer. Call me old school, but the brand had the right roots, but somewhere, somehow a bunch of penny pinchers and incompetent marketers decided to take the brand towards a world of ill-fitted flannel and pleated khaki.

Looks like they’re getting back on the path to resurrection.

The EB800 down vest uses double-certified true European Goose down imported from Hungary. The high-loft qualities of the goose-down give it higher compression qualities and it’s incredibly soft and warm.

Better yet, it’s priced incredibly well for a down vest.

Editor’s Note: Sure, this is what you want on your next ski trip, but it’s also perfect over a well-weighted blazer. We’re American, we invented the concept of mixing & matching sports/formal wear.

Cost: $99 @ Eddie Bauer

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