Fable II

Apparently, Choices Do Have Consequences

fable_2_xbox360.jpgFable II’s exclusive Xbox 360 release represents yet another blockbuster offering in this season’s video game line up. As the sequel to one of the flagship games of the original Xbox era, Fable II takes the original’s formula and improves on it in nearly every way.

In case you don’t know, it goes something like this. You control a character wandering about in a lush open-world environment. As your avatar ages and matures, he becomes good and benevolent if you make positive choices. Make shady ones and watch as your character devolves into a maniacal sociopath. Not unsimilar to your own choices in life. Mix in an immersive story and revamped combat system and you’ve got yourself a barrel full of fun.

Evil fun, perhaps, but fun nonetheless.

Cost: $60