Flip Mino – Customized

Giving Non-Movie Stars Much Deserved Fame, One Hour At A Time


While we may not be the first blog to feature Flip’s latest miniature video creation, we are certain that no other site has ever made it look so damn good. Or tested it as hard we did, for that matter.

Why? Because over the last month the camera came every where GP went and 9 hours of footage and 7 battery drains later we’ve concluded it rocks. Granted, taking footage during a wedding celebration with it did get a bit Cloverfield-y as time passed (especially as our sobriety degraded), and it wasn’t really viable for recording in the dark (think bachelor party).

In the end though, these are small quibbles about a product considering its purpose. The Flip Mino does a damn fine job of capturing life’s moments, for better or worse, in a video format of reasonable quality.

Its plug-and-play USB connection makes loading video on your computer a snap, while its compact design is sure to catch looks, especially with a blazing orange cog on it – or with any other customized design you’d like. Plus if you’ve ever seen girls at a bar with cameras, just imagine how they’d act around a video camera. Prepare for attack accordingly.

Editors Note: Word to the wise. YouTube + Flip = Trouble. Good trouble.

Cost: $179 | Customize