Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old Bourbon

Jimmy Russell gives the okay at Wild Turkey, and I’m okay with that.

Like you, good distilled beverages get better with time. As a matter of fact, I was treated to a supurbly aged and decanted 10 year old Cabernet Sauvignon this past weekend that literally gave me chills of vino-delight. It had a body like Filippa Hamilton and… okay, I digress.

Wild-Turkey-Russell's-Reserve-10-Year-Old-Bourbon.jpgThe Wild Turkey Distillery is tended by Master Distillers Jimmy Russell (pictured above) and Eddie, his son. Every morning they inspect the shipments of grain that dock at the distillery and constantly meander through the warehouses of barrels, ensuring every last drop receives the proper circulation. Tending one’s own batch of bourbon. Sounds like a nice life.

Russell’s Reserve is a 10 year old batch of bourbon deep in amber with a nose of vanilla, oak, and toffee. The taste is bold with flavors like peppers, tamarind, almonds and cumin. The 90 proof batch is a special kind of beverage for a special kind of guy.

Unlike many beverages that I come across, Russell’s Reserve isn’t made with added flavors or colors. There are no cut corner and mass quantities isn’t something in mind from the onset of production.

That alone makes it worthy of my bar.

Cost: $26 @ Your Local Store

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