BRABUS Smart Fortwo Brabus

A 45 MPG BRABUS. Yeah…


The notion of miles per gallon and efficiency don’t really come to mind when one thinks ofBRABUS. As a matter of fact, terms like “what the hell?”, “why?”, “holy shit”, and “you’ve gotta be kidding” tend to be conjured up in sentences with BRABUS in them.

It was inevitable that BRABUS would tune the Smart Car Fortwo seing that it’s Mercedes based, but it’s finally coming to the United States and reservations started… er as of last night at 8pm. The 98 horsepower model comes with 15 inch front and 17 inch rear wheels with a sport tuned exhaust and suspension, and all the aggressive visual styling cues you’d expect from BRABUS.

Image of interior after the jump.

Available February 2009