OWC Mercury Pro Blu-ray Drive

Hooks Up With Every Computer Imaginable, Disease Free.

OWC-Mercury-Pro-Blu-ray-Drive.jpgOne of the many down sides from the high definition video format war is that computer manufacturers (ahem Apple & Microsoft) have shown hesitancy in integrating the technology into their new line of machines.

Mercifully for the videophiles out there, the folks over at OWC announced the first ever “Quad Interface” external Blu-ray drive and burner: The OWC Mercury Pro Blu-Ray Drive.

Fancy lingo aside, this drive is compatible with every computer under the sun thanks to its ability to connect both Firewire 400 & 800, USB, and eSATA. So unless you use an etch-a-sketch for all your computing needs, this baby should have you covered.

Flexibility does come at a price though, (starting at $499, you can thank Sony for that licensing fee) so assess the purchase accordingly. Burning 50 gigs worth o’ data on one disc sure is sweet, but I’ll leave the question of practicality to you.

Cost: $499

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