The Pessimist’s Mug

A Dour Perspective On Your Morning Cup O’ Joe

thepessimistsmug.jpgI’m not a big fan of pessimism. In fact, it’s a characteristic I find loathesome unless it comes served with two heaping scoops of sarcasm.

Appropriate for Monday mornings, the Pessimist’s Mug is a perfect gift for someone you know (or yourself) that looks upon the day with a certain degree of dour. I’m a relatively can-do kind of guy, but when my first cup of coffee finds its way past my mug’s midpoint, I tend to look upon it with scorn more than caffeinated happiness.

Despite any sullen outlooks, the Pessimist’s Mug is made from high-grade materials, but more importantly built for high-grade sarcasm.

Cost: $10

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