Bushnell BackTrack

21st Century Breadcrumbs

The BackTrack is required directional gear for outdoorsmen and parking-lot goers alike.

Let’s face it. Some people are directionally challenged. Hell, one of the guys here can’t even make it to the golf course, even with a navigation system (Eric: I resent that.). So you can imagine the relief when Bushnell agreed that they’d equip the GP team here with BackTracks and give us the chance to get ourselves lost, and more importantly, un-lost.

Equipped with a high sensitivity SiRF Star III GPS receiver, the BackTrack can store and locate up to three locations. Simply push a button and the BackTrack will remember your current location. Whether it’s finding your car after a football game (post-beer) or hiking back to base camp on your latest excursion, the Backtrack will guide the way. The digital interface even provides distance and directional cues. Throw in a built-in self calibrating digital compass and the BackTrack is now standard issue at GP.

The BackTrack comes in camo, orange, white and even pink… Just in case you’d like to not-so-subtly give your significant other a hint about her aptitude for losing the car at Whole Foods.

Cost: $74

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