Men-Ü Ultra Concentrate Shave Creme & Facial Moisturizer Lift

Trim The Cost of Shaving

men-u.jpgNormally Brian would be the one reviewing grooming products. However, he shaved last week and isn’t due for another this quarter. So I was more than happy to add Men-Ü’s Ultra Concentrate Shave Creme and Facial Moisturizer Lift to my daily regimen.

In each small travel-sized bottle you’ll be equipped with enough product to cover your shaving needs for the next six months (or the rest of Brian’s life). That’s 22¢ a shave. More importantly, we like saving money as much as you, but we only endorse doing so when there’s no sacrifice of performance. Make that twice as important for anything that comes into contact with your face.

The Ultra Concentrate Shave Creme produces a rich lather in just two pumps proving that more is not necessarily better. Shaving products work by lubricating your face directly. It’s what stays in close contact with your skin and beard that matters. Everything else is a waste.

Editor’s Tip: The best shave starts with a light exfoliation and a pre-shave oil.

The Ultra Concentrate Facial Moisturizer Lift contains glycerin and silicones to transfer and bind moisture to your skin. Refreshing mint and menthol provide a great pick-me up in the morning or a wake-up call for your nocturnal endeavors.

Cost: Ultra Concentrate Shave Creme ($17) | Ultra Concentrate Facial Moisturizer Lift ($19)