Camera Armor

Click… Snap… Boom.

camera-armor-casing.jpgSo you’ve just purchased that nice new digital SLR camera, like the Nikon D90 GP uses for our article images. You’re ready to take it on the road with you where you’ll encounter all kinds of conditions, but you’re not really the type of guy that’s readily exposing his thousand dollar equipment to the elements.

Well, gear up with Camera Armor – a company who specializes in engineering custom body armor protection for your camera. Camera Armor sheathes your new digital beauty’s body, lens in elsatomeric silicone and the screen with a polycarbonate shield. Sounds postively grizzly.

The precision fit armor will protect your photographic investment from the nasties you encouter: impacts, abrasions, dust, fingerprints and do it with barely any additional weight. The armor comes in black, smoke and even camoflauge for you sniper photogs.

Cost: $50

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