Letter From The Editor

Vote. For Mankind.


GP.EDITORIAL.gifWhether your political pinnings reside with Obama or McCain you should know that tomorrow will be a watershed moment. This year’s election has been such an extraordinary series of unique instances and unprecedented occurences that I think most people have come to take that for granted. Don’t.

Honestly, I can tell you now that I feel both Presidential candidates have our nation’s best interest in mind and heart. How they plan to make that happen is another matter. I may sway one way or another, but I find patriotism and well-understood convictions for one’s country the finest character a man can hold.

The stigmas of calling yourself a Republican or Democrat aren’t seen here in the hallowed halls of GP. We, like all men, have our own political beliefs and they are mighty important. But whether it’s trekking the Continental Divide on horseback with nothing but a knife, enjoying an aged Porterhouse and cigar, arguing the finer points of color palettes and decor, debating the best constructed timepiece, finding the latest deal online, taking 10 minutes to make sure your 5 o’clock shadow is just so, or just fragging-out in Call Of Duty, one thing remains true…

We are men. We suffer and succeed in tandem.

So tomorrow (or now) act accordingly. Take the time for your voice to be heard and stand just a bit taller once you’ve voted. Take a moment to look around, toss partisanship aside, and embrace your fellow man’s well-judged beliefs. Know that mistakes will be made and the journey may be tough. But most of all, know that you may well have made the most important decision in your life.

– Eric Y.

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