(rī)1 Whiskey

It’s Pronounced “Rye One”

ri1-whiskey.jpgWell, this is surprising. Normally we expect our brown distilled bevs in a more traditional package, but the makers of Jim Beam have made a whiskey for the urbanites and sophisticates without disenfranchising the traditionalists.

(rī)1 is a modern take on rye whiskey. The 92 proof spirit provides a slightly spicy yet light flavor and when cut with a dash of water gives off a cinnamon nose. I find it to be a nice palate, even at 10am on a Monday morning here in the Gear Patrol office. Who needs coffee?

We just received a bottle and like everything on this site… we go the length to make sure you know what’s good and what’s not. Even if that means drinking and emailing.

Cost: $46

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