Open It!

The Cure for Wrap Rage


Here at Gear Patrol, we have embarked upon an endless mission to scour the Earth for ways that you, Man, may Advance Yourself. Oftentimes, advancement comes through the advent of simple solutions to life’s most insidious frustrations. It is in that spirit that we present the Open It!

If you believe, like I do, that some forms of packaging are so ill-designed as to be mortally dangerous to the average consumer, then the Open It! is the only suitable weapon with which to equip yourself for a post-shopping spree unboxing session. It features angular shears resembling the “Jaws of Life,” designed to tackle the most heinous of packaging materials: the clamshell. Additionally, the Open It! sports a box cutter utility blade and even a mini-screwdriver perfect for opening those completely inane battery compartments. Available in three colors, the Open It! gets the GP Seal of Approval for helping us get our mounds of swag out of the boxes with a high degree of alacrity.

What this means to you: It doesn’t cost much and it just might help you escape the holidays with all of your digits intact. Now that’s value.

Cost: $12.99

Editor’s Note: Interestingly, Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) has posted an article on the home page of today with a solution to alleviate “wrap rage” as well. God bless him. We’re not sure how long it will be up so you can read a copy of his article after the jump.

jeffbezos letter wrap rage.jpg