Image Moments 6 Digital Photo Frame

A Splendid Way to Display Your Photography Skills or Lack Thereof

Your office desk is probably a place where little to no free space exists. Couple that with the few hundred pictures that need displaying (to remind you of life other than work), and you’ve got a universe crushing paradox of the space-time variety. Luckily, there is a solution to this dilemma. Get a digital photo frame.

We suggest one from the new line of Digital Foci frames, like the Image Moments 6. On the surface, the IM6 is a good looking piece styled in two-tone, mirror-polished chrome that takes up minimal surface space. More importantly though, it boasts some rich display chops for such a small frame. An ample LCD backlight and 140 PPI pixel density work to do your vacation pics proud.

Looking for something bigger? Scope out other larger frames in the lineup such as the Image Moments 8 which adds an interchangeable frame and mat design, and the Image Moment 15 which throws in 16.2 million colors and VESA wall mounting capabilities.

Size aside though, each frame offers a bevy of features such as: 450 MB internal memory, card slots for storage expansion, and the ability to play back a wide variety of multimedia files. For more details though check out the Digital Foci website.

What this means to you: I’m looking at the IM6 on my desk right now. It looks good. My pictures look good. Just don’t load it up and display a slide show with one second intervals. You wont get any real work done that way. Especially if that shot of Louise Glover you threw in keeps popping up. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us.

Cost $149 from Digital Foci

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