The Man-ual from Newcastle Brown Ale

A Man-tastic Resource for the Holidays

Have you ever wanted to be the guy who gives a kick ass toast at a holiday party? Or perhaps you no longer want to be the dude who can only be trusted to bring chips and dip. Either way, the holiday season is chock full of opportunities to either adroitly impress your peers or commit a faux-pas that will leave them gossiping (a la the Bowers reindeer sweeter scandal of ’07). Fear not, Newcastle Brown Ale is providing a life-line dubbed The Man-ual.

Besides providing lifesaving tips for navigating the entertaining season, the Man-ual also offers delicious, easy-to-make holiday recipes courtesy of cookbook author and TV cooking personality Sam the Cooking Guy. They even come on perforated recipe cards. We particularly liked the Au Revoir Fondue made with Cabot Cheddar Cheese. The GP test kitchen is still recovering.

Go from “that guy” to “go to guy” this holiday season.

Cost: Complimentary | This November In Your Local Supermarket

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