The Louis Vuitton Life

As Portrayed Through a Striking Cast of Characters

Credit: Annie Leibovitz

You’re right, this does look familiar. Perusing the magazines of late you’ve probably noticed a distinctive Louis Vuitton ad campaign running. Its latest installment featuring none other than Sean Connery.

Perhaps it’s the anticipation of Quantum of Solace (Olga Kurylenko’s role withstanding) this weekend, or maybe the overwhelming desire to be sitting on the very dock this photograph was taken (apparently near Sir Connerys home in the Bahamas). Either way it’s an amazing series of photographs worth highlighting. Alex Trebek’s absence notwithstanding.

Other personas featured in the series include: Director Francis Ford Coppola, former Russian Politician Mikhail Gorbachev, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, and Andre Agassi with his wife Steffi Graf.

See them all after the jump. The Louis Vuitton life, worth those extra hours for the next promotion.

Francis Ford Coppola, with Daughter. Credit: Annie Leibovitz

Keith Richards with his custom built guitar case. Credit: Annie Leibovitz

Mikhail Gorbachev. Credit: Annie Leibovitz

Andre Agassi with wife Steffi Graf. Credit: Annie Leibovitz

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