Call of Duty: World At War

There Are Few Better Ways To Celebrate Veterans Day


So, by now your gaming budget has probably been crushed to a bloody pulp by the relentless parade of A+ titles that have been released over the past few weeks. Prepare to part with another sixty bucks, as today marks D-Day for the latest in the highly revered Call of Duty series. This fifth iteration, subtitled World at War, takes players back into the WWII fray, previously featured in COD 2 and 3.

call-of-duty-world-at-war-flamethrower.jpgExpect more of what has delighted players and critics alike in the CODs of yesterday, such as sublime battlefield graphics and sound, an engrossing single player campaign, and a robust multiplayer experience. You’ll be asked to survive missions from both the European and Pacific theaters, playing as grunts enlisted in the Red Army as well as the U.S. Marines. Simply put, Call of Duty: World of War is the latest and greatest way to get your boots on the ground and slog through the much vaunted fog of war.

Just remember two things:

  • The “Potato Masher” isn’t a kitchen utensil.
  • This is Call of Duty, not Call of Dusty, as noted to my editors.

Cost: $60