Add Equal Parts Land and Sea

Marvelous engineering masks its grueling take on your body.

We’re fascinated with the unique. When a new idea comes along that ingeniously combines multiple product attributes we can’t help but get excited. The Row Bike from Total Body Fitness was dreamed up by the same brain trust that gave us Rollerblades. Approved.

Constructed with a 7001 heat treated aluminum frame the Row Bike provides the same great total body workout of a rowing machine with the freedom of a road bike. A 7-speed Microshift Derailleur offers riders the ability to vary the intensity and the speed of their workouts and provide more comfortable long distance touring and hill climbing abilities.

Personally I skip exercise bikes. You simply don’t burn enough calories only using half your body. A Row Bike workout can burn close to 50% more calories than a stationary bike by engaging the entire body, abdominals included. The Row Bike is a great option for those looking to loose weight, cross train or just want to have some outdoor fun. If you’re having a hard time picturing how this all works check out the video at

Cost: $1190

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