Role Models

Even Funnier Than The Previews You’ve Been Seeing

Courtesy: Universal Pictures

Think you’ve hit a rut in life? Danny (Paul Rudd) and Wheeler (Seann William) can relate. It all started while pimping Minotaur! energy drink out to school kids as a substitute to drugs. Now as an alternative to prison, the film’s two unlikely heroes have joined the sturdy wings mentoring program to serve as (you guessed it ) role models for two kids in need.

The children, played by wild card actor Bobbe J. Thompson (pictured far right) and nerd extraordinaire Christopher Mintz-Plasse (a.k.a McLovin of Superbad), are by far the funniest element of the film and had us laughing out loud from the moment they appeared. In part from sheer slapstick, but mainly because hearing certain lines from kids that young is just plain wrong.

Trust us, the brief cuts shown in trailers are only the tip of this hilarious farce and more than a few quotes are destined to join the public repeat ranks of “You’re my boy blue!” Plus the films feel good message makes it perfectly acceptable for dates. Prepare to laugh your face off.

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