Red Scarlet Digital Stills and Motion Camera

2,251,799,813,685,248 Configurations… And Counting


We’ve featured cameras like the Nikon D90 (which Gear Patrol uses for our photography), and undoubtedly you’ve heard of the Canon 5D Mark II, which both allow you to shoot high definition video.

That’s nice and all, but the mad scientists at RED want you to be humbled in the presence of the newly announced Scarlet and EPIC digital stills and motion camera system. A system that goes from a Digital SLR camera to a full-on professional motion picture rig in less time and for less money than you can find anywhere else.

Based around what RED calls the Mysterium-X and Mysterium Monstro (no, these are not “bed room games” invented by Patrick), you can capture 1-120 fps video in up-to 24 megapixel quality depending on your configuration. There’s even a 3-D capture configuration coming. What the hell? What the hell.

The Red Scarlet is available with an arsenal of RED’s own lenses ranging from 6.5mm to 300mm, or you can purchase a Scarlet capable of taking on Nikon or Canon SLR’s lenses instead. This, gents, is photography and videography taken to the next eschelon.

More photos of the configurations after the jump. [As Seen On Acquire]

Cost: Scarlet $2,500-$12000 | EPIC $28,000-$55,000

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RED Scarlet, in Digital SLR configuration.

RED Scarlet Motion Camera

RED Scarlet Motion Camera. It’s resemblance to something out of Eraser is uncanny.

RED Scarlet 3D? Oh yes.