The Spotted Pig

Restaurant Review

Dinner? Breakfast? Lunch? Yes.

Its gastro-pub ambiance hides the fact that The Spotted Pig here in New York’s West Village, helmed by April Bloomfield (chef and principal owner) is a traditionalist’s delight. That traditionalist being me. I am a self-professed antagonist of the modern-day bloated über-restaurant, something major metropolitan areas are teeming with. The Spotted Pig’s menu features traditional pub/bar fare, but executed with fine and fresh ingredients. It sounded worthy of Gear Patrol scrutiny.

Attending for the requisite New York weekend brunch, after an unavoidable two-hour wait we ordered the Chargrilled burger with Roquefort Cheese & Shoestring fries and Two Fried Eggs with Homefries, both perfect fodder for our photograph. The food was delicious, the wait was not. For my next visit, I’ll be going during a weekday lunch. Swarms are not for me.

The intersting facet of The Spotted Pig is that it is far from swanky in theme or ritzy in demeanor. There’s literally a bar that serves cask brews and French press coffee within arms reach, you’re piled on top of your neighbor whether you like it or not and the selections range from comfort food to comfort food with a Michelin Star earning twist. And they have earned that star, four years running. It’s all quite charming yet insane and I loved every bite.

The Spotted Pig | 314 W. 11th St. at Greenwich St. New York, NY 10014 (212-620-0393)

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