J.Crew Tie Of The Month Club

12 Months Of Prep


This past weekend Anthony made an appearance at a prep themed MBA party in Chicago. Ironically, he’s not pursuing an MBA but that’s neither here nor there. Regardless, while packing he seeked out prepster sartorial advice in me. Long story short, Anthony went dressed as Eric Yang, or what he claimed to be any given page of a J.Crew catalog. Insult or compliment? Probably both.

That got me thinking about J.Crew’s Tie Of The Month Club. It doesn’t really require any explanation other than you’ll receive one simply designed yet overengineered J.Crew tie per month over the course of a year. Some preppy, some dressy, some casual. All 100% J.Crew.

Cost: $475 Per Year – Call 866.739.5844 To Register

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