Pong A Long Portable Beer Pong Table

Throw Down Anytime, Anywhere

A man’s college years are crucial testing grounds for good and bad ideas. Hindsight shows downing six shots of whiskey and streaking the dean’s lawn was a bad idea. Kissing your best friend’s girl afterwards probably was too. On the other hand, filling cups with beer and tossing ping pong balls in them, now that was brilliant.

That’s why the guys over at Pong A Long created the 8 foot portable beer pong table. This 8 foot regulation sized table collapses to become a 2×2 briefcase perfect for toting to your next party or event. So you’ll never miss an opportunity to brush up on your game.

We gave ours a thorough testing at the Far Hills Downs Steeple Chase a couple of weeks back and were pleased as punch. It did reveal though that Patrick’s skills have clearly faded since his school days in the 1940’s.

Next year’s tailgating will prove if an old dog can learn new tricks. Check out a shot of our own table after the jump.


Cost $99 @ Pongalong.com

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