No Device Left Un-Oranged

Gear Patrol Custom ColorWare Xbox 360

I hope that I’m not being too presumptuous, but it’s likely that you, the Gear Patrol reader, take some measure of pride in having the latest and greatest bits of consumer technology. It goes without saying that we do, too. After all, why do you think that we dutifully craft these daily digital digests? Sadly, keeping up with the Joneses sometimes conflicts with one of our core Gear Patrol Values: Individuality. These days, camping out to get a new smart phone, personal media device, or video game console simply doesn’t ensure even a modicum of uniqueness or personal expression.

That’s where the good people at ColorWare come in. (See our custom Xbox 360 after the jump)


ColorWare doesn’t make things; they just make things better. And by better I mean amazingly beautiful. For example, the way they took our Xbox Beige-60 and made it a GP hued work of art (Thanks, Colorware!). And, for the record, I most certainly did not shriek and skip around like a school girl when I opened the box.


The ColorWare magic is in their proprietary high-gloss, scratch-resistant coating offered in myriad colors. Their website features the ability to design custom color schemes for a wide variety of products, but, trust me; you will not be prepared for just how good the real thing looks. Your Blackberry, iPhone, MacBook, ThinkPad, Wii, PS3, and even your flatscreen HDTV will take on a new life.

ColorWare offers customers the ability to send in their own electronics or to purchase new in conjunction with colorization. For corporate types, a full line of custom branding is available to suit any advertising, reward, or swag needs. Hopefully, my editor will read this and realize just how good a new custom colored MacBook would look emblazoned with the patented GP Cog. Lucky for me, ColorWare will be ready and waiting when he does.

Cost: Xbox 360 As Shown $155 (Pricing dependant on products and services)

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