2009 Porsche Panamera

Porsche Discovers Rear Doors

Courtesy: Porsche North America

Porsche (pour-sha) is calling the Panamera a “Four-Door Grand Touring Sports Car.” We suppose they deserve the right to call it whatever they want, but we’ll fondly refer to it as a Porsche for the unselfish father.

Throw in a couple of child seats in the rear, a beautiful woman in the front seat or both, ignite the engine and relish in the moment. The Porsche Panamera will undoubtedly cause stir amongst the rabid Porsche fans, but I think the Panamera is a natural iteration in the Porsche lineup. (Ed: Definitely less jarring than the eyesore Porsche Cayenne SUV)

The Panamera will come equipped with a range of engines from 300 horspower V6’s to a 500 horsepower turbo V8 with six-speed manual gearboxes or seven-speed dual clutch auto-manual. Look for all-wheel drive variations to come sometime in 2011.

The inevitable question about what the Porsche’ Panamera’s rear looks like can be seen after the jump. [As Seen On TTAC]