Jack Daniel’s Single Whiskey Barrel

240 Bottles of J.D. – Almost Enough To Get You Through The Holidays


You probably don’t know this, but there’s a pretty popular drink called Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. It’s a semi-famous drink distilled in Lynchburg, Tennessee (population: 361) and it’s been around since 1866. You probably don’t know that it might be one of America’s most-famous exports and you probably don’t know you can buy it by the bottle. Then again, you’re not a monk living in solitary in a hut on Siberian tundra.

My father taught me at a young age that the fine drink of Jack Daniel’s (with a splash of water) is one of the finest beverages available. And though my tastes lean towards bourbon or scotch I can say that every now and then I crave the taste of Old No. 7 Sour Mash. I may not hanker to the point where I’d like to buy an entire barrel, but I’ll leave that decision to you.

Jack-Daniels-Single-Whiskey-Barrel.jpgHere’s what we’re willing to bet you did not know: Jack Daniel’s is available… by the barrel. You can have a Master Distiller at Jack Daniel’s hand pick an entire barrel of whiskey for home (or otherwise). When you purchase the barrel, Jack Daniel’s will hand bottle 240 (two-hundred and fourty) 750 ml decanters and hand you a personalized medallion, brass plaque, and some major whiskey aficionado credit announcing that your bottles are just that… yours.

Cost: $8400-$9600