Biotherm Anti-Rides Line Peel

Live Outside the Lines


By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Edward Cheng

Skin is the body’s biggest organ (though some men may beg to differ) and yet most guys completely neglect it. With the winter months upon us, limiting outdoor activities, now’s the perfect opportunity to rehab the skin on your face.

Biotherm Anti-Rides Line Peel is not the newest facial cream on the block, but is a tried and true cream that I always turn to when I get dry skin or irregularities. This product is meant to be used daily and trust me; it ain’t your wife’s cold cream. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals specifically designed to help a man’s skin recover. Biotherm Anti-Rides Line Peel doesn’t just hydrate. It gently stimulates your skin’s natural renewal process leaving your mug softer, smoother and ready for those Eskimo kisses.

Cost: $36

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