Supra Footwear


When it comes to buying a pair of sneakers, I’m on a mission. I probably own far more than I need, but rocking the same pair everyday isn’t my thing and as a Gear Patrol reader I’m sure it’s not yours either. As I’ve grown older and become a little more refined (ha), my tastes have changed a bit. I have accumulated a sense of style, but still yearn to be my own man. I used to rock the bulky skater shoes because… well… I skated. That and normal sneaks just couldn’t handle the wear and tear that comes from clearing a gap or 5-0’ing the ledge across town.

The skater in me still wants the skater shoe, but without the all the bulk and a little more style. After all my searching I can say SUPRA footwear was exactly what I had in mind. The slick styling of uber kicks and the durability of a skate shoe. With features like premium leather, high memory polyurethane insoles and injected SupraFoam, how can you go wrong?

I opted for a pair of Vaiders and when staring down my collection of shoes for a chill night out, I go for these almost every time. Not only are they styling and attention garnering, they’re comfortable.

Whether you’re looking for a High-top, Low-top, Slip-on, andor Funky ass colors, SUPRA’s the brand for you.

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