Yamaha Tenori-On Music Sequencer

Make Music, One Light At a Time

Yamaha Tenori-on.jpg
Despite what you think, Tenori-on has nothing to do with Battleship

Plenty of people dream of being musicians. However, most lack the classical training to ever produce anything noteworthy.

Over the last couple of decades though, a slew of products have emerged (MPCs, synthesizers, drum machines, Rockband? etc…) to help make rocking out easier for the unskilled yet musically inclined. Along this line, Yamaha has created the Tenori-On Music Sequencer as an easy-to-use and visually appealing solution to composing and performing electronic music.

Looking like the love child of Daft Punk and a Lite Bright, the 8 inch brushed magnesium frame features 256 programmable plastic buttons and 253 built in sounds. A built in SD card slot and included Mac/PC software allows users to create sample based instruments of their own. Sounds can also be triggered from external synths and other MIDI based devices.

The Tenori’s real power however, lies in its unique tactile music sequencing modes. Notes can be bounced, stuttered, drawn, rotated, and layered, on top of one another to produce an infinite number of sequences. Created sequences can then be stored in “Blocks” and strung together for pure techno bliss. Don’t follow? Watch the video after the jump and see just what the Tenori-On can do.

At $1,200 though, getting one of your own might not be the smartest use of dough. That is unless you plan on being the next DJ Tiesto.

Cost: $1200