GP3: Better Golf Starts This Winter


Sadly, the golf season is over here in the northeast. However, that doesn’t preclude you from improving your game. Gear Patrol offers up three tips for better golf next year that you can implement this offseason. And if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with year ‘round golf, well whoopee for you you can employ these tactics as well. Continued after the jump.

Get Fitted:

There are few things in life as individually unique as a golf swing. Your equipment should reflect that. Playing with poorly fitting equipment is the quickest way to develop damaging swing habits which will inevitably cost you a fortune in lessons to resolve. Best to just avoid them in the first place. Have your pro check the following:

  • Lofts: Most clubs are mass produced and may have ‘acceptable’ deviations. Meaning your 56° sand wedge may actually be 57° or 58°. This can impact your launch angles and distance control.
  • Lie Angles: Or the angle created by the shaft and the ground when the club is soled in a way that it touches the ground directly at the centerline of the clubface. Improper lie angles can lead to contacting the ball on the heel or toe of the club which will dramatically reduce your accuracy.
  • Shaft Lengths: If your clubs are too long or short given your height and proper address posture you’ll have to subconsciously compensate. This can lead to all sorts of issues because it will be very hard to keep your swing on plane.
  • Grips: Have your grips changed every two years at a minimum. Pick ones appropriate for your hand size. Also take into account how firm, responsive, and tactile you like your grips. Worn out grips make you squeeze tighter to maintain a secure feeling. The added tension is a sure fire way to develop a slice.
  • Balls: The right golf ball for you is based on spin rates, launch angles and club head speed. Hit every ball in the store and the computer will tell you which ones are right for you. Be prepared to check your ego and pass on the $4 ball if it’s not a fit.

Get Fit:

Want to add 10 yards to your drive? Hit the gym. One key to more power is creating more torque between your upper and lower body. Focus on strengthening your core and improving flexibility. Most of the usable power you generate comes from your back, legs, and abs (notice no mention of arms). The goal is to improve club head speed by rotating your body faster. Not swinging the club harder. It all boils down to physics in the end. And that starts in your core.

Forget it:

I’ve spent the past few years learning the nuances of the golf swing in my never ending quests for the perfect golf swing. The trouble is it’s made me so mechanically that it ruined my tempo and feel. So take the winter to forget everything you’ve read about the golf swing this year. Instead focus on your rhythm and tempo. A golf swing is an athletic move. One that you can’t shouldn’t be thinking about. Save the tips and swing thoughts for the driving range. When you step on the course your only concern should be tempo. Focus on your target, relax, and trust your swing to get the ball there.

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