History’s Dangerous Missions Collection

Better than regular missions…these are dangerous ones.

Dangerous_Missions.jpgWhen it comes to creating edutaining programs, HISTORY does it best.

In fact, it’s a safe bet that anytime you fix your eyes on a HISTORY documentary, you are likely to receive a marked boost in both your trivia skills and your testosterone. In that regard, the newly offered Dangerous Missions Collection certainly does not disappoint. I, for one, am a sucker for anything that bills itself as featuring “overwhelming peril, seemingly unbeatable odds, and almost certain death.”

The 16 episode collection mixes it up with subjects ranging from various acts of military derring-do to features on current reality darlings like lumberjacks and ice road truckers. All in all, The Dangerous Missions Collection is great TV… on DVD.

Cost: $20 @ Best Buy

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